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Climbing date: Aug. 27th –Sep.1st, 2013

About Mt Yin Haizi

Climbing route


Yin Haizi

Mt.Edgar on the left


Mt. Yin Haizi (5388m) is located in the west of Grosvenor Valley ,southwest of Kangting, Sichuan province, China. It belongs to Jiuhaizi mountains which is located to the northwest of Minya konka. On the way to climb the Yin Haizi, you can see the beautiful sight including mountain range of Tian Haizi 6070m, White Haizi 5924m, the Little Konka 6027m, Mt. Grosvenor 6376m, Mt.Edgar 6618m, Mt. Jiazi6540m, and Roddmain 6112m.


“Little Frog and Team” is a team of 3 Chinese climbers Xianghui Deng, Ke Li, Xing Liu. Their summit plan to Mt. Yin Haizi has been choosen from candidates BIGPACK “Summit my Summit” of May 2013. There is no summit record in the climbing history of Mt. Yin Haizi. Little Frog and Team had ever attempt to climb the mountain in 2008, but unsuccessfully to the summit. One of the climbers Xianghui Deng recalled:


“I still remember my climbing of Yin Haizi mountain in 2008 very clearly. We went there in July which was not a right time. With guide’s help, we found the BC, but we stayed in the BC for 4days because of bad weather. Rain, snow and hail lasted for 3days. We couldn’t even get out of the tent. When we intended to give up, it changed to be sunny for 1 day. So we packed our equipments and tried to ascent. Actually we didn’t well-prepared. Little information could been found in Google, almost none information at all. We reached the pass 5100m at 3PM, but we climbed down because of the bad condition.”

“Weather changes very fast in this area. We may meet snow and rail again. We need luck too.”

“We plan to set BC at 3800m with cowshed, sufficient source of water, a few wood for fire. Learned from last experience, planned 1300m from BC to C1, the route is almost gallet slope 35°-45°. C1 will be 5100m, a platform near the pass. It takes 6 to 7 hours. Expected some snow in Aug, which is good for water resource.” said Little Frog.

The Team

Little Frog, Ke Li, Xing Liu

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BIGPACK wishes Little Frog and Team a successful climbing of Mt. Yin Haizi. Safely and enjoy the mountain with BIGPACK technical equipments!