Date: Sep. 12nd -Sep.21st, 2013

about the mountain -dramatic view, mysterious, primeval
Everest Gama Valley was praised as the most beautiful valley in the world by British explorers in the 20s of last century. It also been rated as one of the top 10 landscape in the world by American explorers in the 90s of last century too. The area is isolate from the world outside since long time before. Many mountains in this valley still have not been climbed, keeping it as the largest primary forest in the Everest region. Their mysterious Sherpa Village is one of the wonder to the explorers in the world.

The dramatic view of Mt Everest Kang Face is too beautiful to be described by words. It is located in the preserved area in the region. Standing there, you can see 14 mountains above 8000m altitude at the same time, including the highest Mt Qomolangma (8848m), and Mt Lhotse (8516m), Mt Makalu (8463m), etc. Many snow mountains of above 7000m altitude are over there. We can find the trekking route in Everest Gama valley to be high-altitude, changing climates, very beautiful , and only very few trace of people. It’s the last “shambhala” in Tibet.

Gama valley is a very beautiful valley of 2000- 5000m , located between Tingri and Dinggye districts. It spreads and reaches Nepal Barun National Park by the south, Everest Kang by the west, Zhentang by the east, and dividing line between Qatar Zangbo and gamma Zangbo by the north. The only transportation to Gama valley is yak. Till now, only few people managed to trek there. Original scenery and pureness thus kept.

In Tibetan, Sherpa means ’Oriental’. Sherpa is a tribe of Tibetan living in the slope of 5000m near Himalayas, eastern Nepal. Most of them lived in the border of Nepal and China, and in Zhentang district in Dinggye. Zhentang is also the terminal of our trek route this time. There are more than 1200 people of Sherpa in China. They are known for providing support for foreign trekkers and mountain climbers since 1921 when first hired by British climbers for mountain transports. Hiring Sherpa has become a common practice until today.

The Route

D1: Lhasa- Yamdrok Yamtso – Kanola Glacier - Gyantse, Zongshan Ruins - Shigatse - Tingri

D2: Tingri- Gokyo Chola Pass - Zhaxizom - Qutang - Yorba village

D3: Yorba - Xonwoktso

D4: Xonwoktso - Xonwoktso Pass - Zhoxo ( orchid valley)

D5: Zhoxo ( orchid valley) - Xanon pasture - Tangxong viewing platform

D6: Tangxong viewing platform - Choxueringma

D7:Choxueringma – Namala camp

D8: Namala camp - Qutang

D9: Qutang- Zhaxizom -Qawula pass - Paiba

D10: Paiba – Lhaze- Shigatse – Lhasa

Founder of Mount-free Outdoor Club, Tibet. Generation of 80s, grew up in Mt. Taihang, and started outdoor activities since 2009.

Climbing Experience:

2009Trekking, Mt. Tianmu, route QijianTrekking, Mt. TaibaiTrekking, Kanas,Xijiang
2010Trekking, Eastern Zhejiang Grand CanyonTrekking, Luxi Canyon, ZhejiangTrekking, Longmen Canyon, Zhejiang

Trekking, Rouji and Daliu

Trekking ,cross Anhui/Zhejiang frontier

2011Cycling, along Sichuan-Tibet highway, from Chengdu to LhasaCycling, around Qinghai LakeClimbing, Qiyi Glacier,Gansu

Trekking, Mt Bogda, Xinjiang

Trekking, north Mt Tianshan, Langta C, the most dangerous and longest

Trekking, cross Wusun ancient route,Xinjiang

2012Trekking, Tsupu Monastery to Yambajan,TibetTrekking, Reting Monastery to Drigongti Monastery ,TibetTrekking, Everest Gama valley and Yamdrok Tso, Tibet with clients
2013rekking, Everest Gama valley with clients