“Some of our new corded in the crossing of the 7 sisters.
We received a radio contact of 6 alpinists today Saturday 22 November noon. The first news is that all is well! They have bivy last night between midnight and 7:00 this morning. They left today for a very long day. Weather conditions are quite good because there is no wind, visibility sometimes reduced.

They spent time in the second sister who seemed to represent the greatest difficulty of the climb. Their progress is rather slow because of a large amount of fresh snow. Antoine repeats several times they attempt a lot. For this reason, they plan to finish tomorrow evening or the next day. Following the route should go to the wire stops. With a little luck, we can the see again with binoculars.

We expect a new radio contact tonight between 20h and 22h. In meanwhile, the Podorange is always docked at the Port Lockroy ice surrounded by the blue ice. You can hear the penguin colony closely and see some seals asleep if they do notice even our presence within 2 meters of them! Tomorrow for the rest of the adventure “