I put on my full gear of BIGPACK and arrive at Eilat, Israel. It was quite windy at Eilat, I hope that BIGPACK jackets help our team fighting against the extreme weather in the following days.


It is the first time I ride on a camel while it is bigger than I expected. What a wonderful experience riding on a camel!


We get on a jeep and start a quick ride in the dessert. We share every enjoyable moment watching the long horizon of Eilat on the jeep in its highest speed.


We arrive at a restaurant. The owner of the restaurant ‘performs’ cooking naan in traditional way. He twists the dough into thin round shape, and cooks it by placing it on a red hot surface. It has become the most delicious dishes in our journey after we taste it with cheese and other sauces.


We come to the famous Solomon’s Pillars. We are all surprised by the grand natural formed pillars.


The journey comes to the end. BIGPACK equipments protect me from large range of temperature. BIGPACK is the best partner of mine!