Annapurna South (also known as Annapurna Dakshin) was first climbed in 1964 by a Japanese expedition, via the North face. It was also attempted by Italian team in 1988.


April 21 2014 at Xian China, a ceremony was held for the blessing of the Annapurna South expedition before the 3 climbers, Pu Wei, Shan Gui and Cai Qing setting off to Nepal.


The team consisted of 2 coaches, 3 climbers, 5 Sherpa. Annapurna South, 7219m, is the 7th highest peak in the mountain range and has never been climbed by any Chinese before. This was the first time for the whole team including Sherpa to climb the route. With passion to mountain, these climbers made their record in Chinese climbing history. The climbing was very tough due to continuous storm for days. They couldn’t find suitable place for C3 with complex and mixed ice rock route. The team decided to go down when they reached 6300m eventually. Everybody safe back!