Last Thursday, the fragmented pack ice and icebergs were brought back by a strong south-west wind in Penola Canal leading to the peak Rio Branco.

The boat was thus blocked and has to turn back. The team has to give up climbing the big wall which is one of the goals of the project.
Only a north-east wind is able to dedégager all the ice but unfortunately no such weather condition in several coming days according to the announcement.

Due to little time left on site (about a week), and the current conditions is very complicated for navigation, Brice exposes us his plan: To move north through the canal along the Peninsula or, take off to the Enterprise Island where former ‘whaler chaser’ the Governor, aground. At such, we could be protected from the strong winds from southwest as announced.

We follow his idea and sailing 18h to reach the bay which moor the wreck boat dating 1915. The Antarctic terns welcome us with a dim peeping.

The day before yesterday, the weather was rather lenient allowed us to climb Mount Harry. Yann, Laurent, David and Nico did some backcountry skiing.

Polo, Manu Antony and Karine benefit to an ice chute 150 meters unearthed in the area. They bring John, the young sailor with them and make him discovers the joy of crampons and ice axe.

We pass a night in the wreck. Brice, our valiant captain monitors the satellite maps to find a good weather window to sail again towards Cape Horn. Meanwhile, the team took the opportunity to ski, fishing, and sailing between the icebergs on the boat, observing crab-eater seal, sleeping, and reading, eating and laughing too!