We arrived the day before yesterday in the Cape Renard sector after several hours of navigation under cloudy weather.

Fortunately, thinning air allowed us to clearly see the two rock towers and identify an area for alpinists to land.

The place seems unreal, two rock towers about 700 meters dominate the course. Their tops are covered with thick layer of snow and ocean is about the foot of the walls.

The ascent of the first tower was completed in 1999.

The alpinist will attempt the ascent of the virgin second round.

Yesterday, a first attempt failed due to very bad weather conditions.

Another attempt is scheduled for tomorrow.

For this climb, the team chose the “OnePush” strategy. That is to say, an ascent without rest and with light bags (no sleeping bag or tent).

Many penguins inhabit at the surroundings and we even had the chance to see two orcs few meters from the boat.

Today was utilized to explore the surrounding canals and make a small ski touring.

Navigation is provided by the sailors who make shift on deck. Visibility is reduced and progression between the icebergs demand much attention.

More news as soon as possible …