[ad_1] Bionnassay Ridge
Thanks Yann for the sharing!

Day 1: july 26th
A long hike / climb from the top of « les houches, Bellevue » lift to Durier mountain hut. Approximatively 1600m of vertical denivalation, 7 hours to reach the hut.

At the hut, 18 people for officially 12 spots….. luckily there are 21 mattress in case…. breakfast at 3am.

Start at 3.30am the moon is incredibly red, super nice. We can see some lightenings far south in direction of Italy.

Summit of Aiguille de Bionnassay at 6.30

Then, we follow the famous and very narrow snow ridge towards the « piton des italiens »
impressive and super nice, but very tricky. Concentration is at 10000%. Misstake will be dramatic!!!