Cham Au Sommet 2018

Chamonix, the world capital of mountaineering and symbol of the vertical dimension, is celebrating the passion for adventure and climbing, modern, art and music, and the fine tradition of mountain.

Invitation to all from around the world mountaineers, climbers, free riders, hikers, runners or cycling, loving air, women and men of all cultures and ages.

Animations climbing, slack line, vertical dance, tricking acrobatic dance, live realization of works, street art, lecture on modern mountaineering….

Join us! Chamonix 9-11 August in this 3rd edition Festival of alpine adventure.

Vertical Sports | Atelier DIY | Music | French Alps

9-11 Aug 2018

2018 Cham Au Sommet Special Guest – Lynn Hill


2018 Cham Au Sommet – Chief artist Simon Charrière


2018 Cham Au Sommet – Sharing session: Valley Uprising


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