End of august. Bernard was expecting to climb a big mountain but conditions/weather is not good enough to plan a big project. So we decide to enjoy the only good day of the week by rock climbing a nice route in Italy.

Bernard has never been to Val Ferret and it is one of my favorite places in the Alps!
The rock is nice, not many people.

The view is great and we talk and talk about our future project! Bernard although he has been climbing for many years now has never been to the top of Mont Blanc and I would like to take him by a nice route next year!
Let’s hope for good weather!!!


Can see 2 people on the route. 6a max, 400m


View of the Val Ferret. Beautiful!!


Mont Gruevetta. I’ve never been to the top and I don’t know anybody who has!!! Maybe a future destination.



Bernard in action! I tried to make him change his old helmet. But this one definitely fits him better :))