Nama Peak 5588m
Little frog, Oct 2013

I went to climb Nama Peak this National holiday, but we gave up ascending after waiting 2 days in BC because of the very bad weather. 3 days non-stop snowing! However, BIGPACK Couloirs’ jacket and pant are tested. They are high waterproof, breathable, durable and protective.

About Nama
Nama Peak, 5588m, one of guard peaks of Minya Konka, is deemed to be the easiest mountain for climbing above 5500m in Minya Konka mountain area. Not very technical, most are crevasses and ice-snow slope. With good condition, 1day summit is possible with BC set at end of glacier tongue. You can see the whole northwest ridge and highest peak of Minya Konka clearly at the top of Nama. Very wonderful and glorious sight.

Stay at BC 4300m to wait for good weather. Yak horn at back.


Gomba Glacier 4600m. BIGPACK COULOIR pant was very eye-catching in the snow.



Blue sky, golden leaf, fantastic autumn.


We had no choice but to leave BC because of our schedule and the terrible weather condition. Actually, we made right decision or else we would be trapped in the mountain if we wait 1d more. 4 horses that carried our equipment the following day tumbled all over in the snow.


Finally Minya Konka appeared with majestic sight after snow, on our way back.


Our tents were covered by snow overnight. 80-90cm snow BC. It was very difficult to get out of tents.


Mountain after snowing, nearby Nama