Day 2
Weather is not so good. The group split into 2. I’m going touring with Albert. The rest is going to the village to watch a dogsled race.
It is very cold.
We skin up 1000m with Albert. -20 I think. On top we are super cold (look at the pictures) it is the 1st tile in my life i ski with 2 down jkt and the big warm mittens!!! Visibility gets better and the ski down to the village is very nice. Taking clients here is gonna be rough… the cold makes everything tricky and dangerous. A lilt mistake can lead to a disaster. If you lose 1 glove, forget your down jkt….
Greenland 3 - D2_01
Albert face on top… looks cold!!

Ready to ski?

Fishes frozen as soon as they get out of the water…
Greenland 3 - D2_11
Hunter special: seal’s head
Greenland 3 - D2_12
Hunter special: seal’s head
Greenland 3 - D2_13
Greenland 3 - D2_14