Getting Ready

Hey! Hi there! Nice to see you! Good that you come because you can have me to get my gear ready because I am leaving in one week from Mongolia. So, please come in!

Alright! Look! It’s nice to find a version map so about the area where we are going from my sister. Basically, this is Mongolia, Russia, China and we are going into this area right in the corner here. So we are leaving next week. All the information administrate to get from the agency in Mongolia is that lots of snow in this year which is good because we are going to ski, not so good for base camp because that’ mean we are living with this snow for couple weeks that like these. The tricky point is temperature and the weather is really out to know what to expect so it is not so easy to pack the gear.

We have all the gear on the truck and the trickiest thing for us now today is to put all the baggage on the plane. The weight is limit for us. We should be right there for the rope. We’ll see. Let’s go to the airport now!

Perfect! The woman was super nice and we manage to pull all the baggage on the plane without the extra weight charge. So we start to flight, it’s a long flight. See you in Oulan Bator.BYE!

Alright! We are in the national museum of Mongolia in Oulan Bator and here is the map ~Mongolia. We just arrived today here~Oulan Bator. Tomorrow we will fly all the way to Olgi and then we will take the four wheel drive to the valley, sleep here and hike one day. Set the base camp next to the mountain, Mount Khuiten and we will ski in this area for the couple days. Good thing is we manage to all luggage this morning. All the ski and the baggage that’s good. So we just left to pack the bag to go to Olgi tomorrow.