1 day after landing in Shanghai, I fly again to Chengdu. One hot pot and straight to bed. The next morning, I sit in a 4*4 little van looking at the beautiful landscapes of china by the window! The road trip is longer than I expected and we finally arrive in the valley at 4pm.




It is freezing cold but I cannot stop looking everywhere!!! There are icefalls, very beautiful icefalls all along the valley. But the most impressive thing is the quantity of incredible steep peaks above the valley on each side!! I cannot believe it! It is one of the most incredible places I’ve seen in my life! I want to climb everywhere! So many peaks to climb…


As a European, it is a little strange to see big huge icefalls but no snow. In Europe and also North America, cold weather rimes with snow. It will take me 2 days to get use to this kind of landscapes.


The Shuangqiao valley reminds me my home town Chamonix: a flat valley surrounded by numerous peaks. One side with super good granit rock and the other side with lower quality rock. I’m definitely impressed by the shape, the steepness and the height of all the mountains! I can’t wait to climb!!




Back at our lodge, I met Liu. Super nice guy. He proposed to take me to the “fairy cave” to get use to this ice. It will be a perfect day to start to know each other in order to get ready for our bigger project. After diner, I’m freezing cold. Probably because of the trip and jet lag. I’m so happy to discover that we have electric warming blankets in our beds….