We say bye to Simon and I start. OUF, the snow is terrible. It is like sugar. Sometimes deep up to my hips!! Breaking the trail is an exhaustive job!!! But I feel good so I keep pushing. Liu follows and soon we are on the ridge. I was hoping to find some hard frozen snow…. No, it is even worse! I’m literally crowling in the snow! Tiring, so tiring!! I look at Liu. He is tired too. Far below him, I see Marcos alone following our tracks. That’ nice! He probably decided to follow us leaving his partner with Simon!




The weather is perfect! No wind. No sun because there are some high clouds but nothing to be worried of. The rock seems to be a better option so I try to follow the rocks. The bad news is that the rock quality is absolutely terrible!!!! I feel like if I look at the rock too long it is gonna fall by himself!!! So loose! I keep leading feeling that the summit is not far. It is late, and I already know that we will have to rappel down in the night. But it shouldn’t be too far now… Liu follows. It is super important to be very careful in this kind of rock. Grade 3 / 4 maybe sometimes. We have to find the right balance between moving quickly and being precautious, very precautious…