When I look at my watch, it is January 12th, 00.34! I look at my sleeping bag. I’m thirsty. I need to drink. We all need to drink. I just drink 1 litre in almost 20 hours of climbing… I lie down in the sleeping bag and fell asleep right away. Not the best bed you can dream of but believe me, best sleep ever!!!



When I open 1 eye it is 7.30 am. Daylight is here. I know the sun should come a little later and I want to wait for him to get out of the sleeping bag. At 9am, it seams even darker outside. I pull the zipper of the tent. The weather had changed! It is lightly snowing outside!!!! What a timing !!!


We get up and start packing our bags. We should be in the valley around noon. We are tired but it is amazing to see how our body recover so well. The 5 of us can walk no problem!


At 2pm, the 5 of us are filling our stomach with the best chicken soup ever! So good!!!!!!!!