The line we followed is the obvious line in the center of the face towards the ice fall ice pitch in the middle. Then we followed a hidden snow couloir leading to the south east ridge of Mt Hunter. We climbed the ridge from this point to the summit.


The route is composed of mixed climbing pitches around grade M4 and some very thin ice pitches quite difficult to grade but probably around grade 4. The rock climbing on the ridge is around 3+/4 but the rock quality is very loose which makes the climbing very exposed!


From the base to the top, it is more than a 1000m high. From BC, including the approach to the base it is 1400m high!! We climbed Mt Hunter Alpine Style in 1 day up & down (19hours exactly), light & fast!!!


On the descent we followed the same line, abseiling all the face! Because of the rock quality and poor ice, it was very difficult to make some good anchors.