First summit, Mt Hunter 5384m, Sichuan China, Jan 11 2014
His first time mountaineering to China…Its first record be climbed… Yann Delevaux and Mt Hunter 5384m, Sichuan China

16pm Jan 11 2014, BIGPACK athlete, the sports marketing director Yann Delevaux and his Chinese partner Zhixiong Liu made the first summit of virgin peak Mt Hunter 5384m in Shuangqiaogou Valley, Sichuan, China.
Stand erect together with Mt Jianzi by ten meters peristalses in the middle, Mt Hunter got its name since it looked like a hunter with his gun.
Jan 10th, a group of mysterious mountaineers came to the bottom of Mt Hunter. They trekked to BC around 4300m with loads of equipment carried by their own. Yann Delevaux with two Chinese climbers Zhixiong Liu and Liji Chen as one team, while Brazil climber Marcos and his Chinese partner as another. They left BC ascend by different routes aimed at the summit of virgin peak Mt Hunter. 16:00pm Jan 11th, Yann Delevaux was the first who summited, then Liu. Half hour later, following their route in the last meters by solo, Marcos made his summit too.

Mt hunter has never been summited with very few climbing records. Yann Delevaux made his first climbing successfully in China by a virgin peak in Four Sisters mountain range, Sichuan China, Jan 11 2014.