The second twin tower Cape Renard has no secrets!

It has just been climbed by our climbers in 13 hours round trip.
This new success has been possible thanks to the choice of the best strategy at the right operation strung, good agreement between the mountaineers and their skills.
We congratulate them once again.

We descend further south towards the next objective, the big wall Pic Rio Branco. For now we are at the base of Vernadsky, where we pause pending the winds are best.

The Ukrainian in the base gave us a warmly welcomed last night at home suddenly glass of their locally made alcohol whose composition remains secret… Interesting meeting and tasting!

Meanwhile, we have seen a leopard seal with his mom
Small lying on a piece of ice drifting just next to the boat.

We sincerely thank you for your messages left on the blog.

See you soon

PS: Peter Peuget my dad, not easy even cameraman life among the icebergs!
I think many of you, lots of kisses. ”

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The photos are very small due to the transfer satellite (Gerard D)

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