After the great success of the team with 7 Sisters and one day of rest, we have done today to realize our target of a ski descent in a beautiful steep couloir before leaving for another sector, Cap Renard by tomorrow.

Here are answers to questions from the class of Lydia Lamétérie,
P. School of Brossolette Chateau du Pont (63)

– How far from the France?
15 000 km

– What is the altitude of the 7 Sisters?
The 7 sisters to 1200 m altitude. They are like a wall
vertically above the sea.

– Would not it too cold, it makes what temperature?
It is around 10 in the evening.
This temperature is aggravated by wind and moisture.

– What are you eating?
We eat very well aboard Podorange and dry food at ascents.

– Is this dangerous expedition?
Mountaineering in Antarctica is a committed discipline where the risk is present.
It is inherent in the adventure.

See you soon!