This morning, Friday, November 21, 2014, the 6 alpinists Antoine, Manu, Laurent, Yann, Polo and David go try to achieve one of the main objectives of this expedition never realized to date, the complete traverse of the 7 sisters in the Bay of Port Lockroy.

After 24 hours waiting for a favorable weather window, they finally start to attempt the long edge 11km and interspersed 7 summits.
After locations carried out at the foot of the sides by two separate teams, they were able to develop their strategy and the route.
They will have two mountaineers roped by 3 alpinists carrying equipment for 2 or 3 days bivy for the encounter of good condition.

This morning, after the snowfall the night before, the trace is hard to do, the bags are heavy but the moral is excellent!
Meanwhile, the team of sea (Brice, Coco and John) and the team of videographers (Karine and Nico) will try to follow them from the boat moored on the Port Lockroy ice.

Good news at the time (17.30), we see them appear on the top of the first sisters. They managed to reach it by 7.5 hours when they thought it would take them 12 hours!

This is the best.
The sky is covered, the wind picked up, but visibility is good.
The weather is expected to improve in the coming hours as we wish them good
courage and good luck for the future …

PS: Samy Zian and my children, I think of you every wonder that I see is to say to each instant! I love you strong.

For readers of the blog:
The members of the expedition do not see directly the comments you register on the site.The information travels by email once or twice a week, so patience for returns. (Gérard D)
The photos are very small because of the satellite transfer