As a French, Cecile grew up in the west part of France, Normandy. It wasn’t until she came to Chamonix at the age of 18 years old that she discovered the high mountains. Since those first steps, her life has taken a dramatic change. Cecile is an inspirational athlete and person who, in the last ten years, has been setting new standards for ice/mixed, rock and alpine climbing. In recent years, ice climbing teaching has been her focus. Cecile just got her diploma for “Guide de Haute Montagne”. She loves to share this vertical world she is privileged to live in. Her goals are to encourage others to experience the same and to go beyond their own perceived physical and mental limits. Her rock climbing prowess has led to ascents on some of the hardest routes in the Alps. She needs daily challenges, the search for a solution to the seemingly impossible. That is what makes her an inspiring athlete and unique teacher.