LITE PRO 30 gains annual Best of the Best in backpack segment of 2016 China Outdoor Industry Annual Competition, the most influential and with most practitioners’ competition in Chinese outdoor industry.
It is reported that 32 brands 46 products are narrowed down to enter into the 7 days lab and 50 days field testing by the industry veteran media, trade associations, gear enthusiasts and other experts. The selection criteria is based on originality, reliability, and innovation. LITE PRO 30L finally come to the fore, award winning!

LITE PRO is designed by mountaineers for mountaineers. It is inspired by the mountains themselves, you may even say it was born in the mountains!! It is heavily influenced by today’s alpine style, since big national expeditions in Himalayan style do not exist anymore.
Climbing mountains is fun, you want to do it quickly, as much as you can and you need to have the right tools for that. What is true for the mountains equipment is also true for the bags! LITE PRO is an innovative concept of what will be in the future all bags. No compromises, full options and comfortable! This award is a testament that our innovative positioning is correct.