Day 5 How rough the weather could be in Mongolia

All night long wind was blowing, shaking the tent. Early morning, it stopped. Good news? I open the zipper of the tent and boom, I take 15cm of snow in my face! The wind had stopped to let the snow falls even more…


Breakfast, tea, coffee, some more coffee some more tea… We waited a little to see but we both knew with Mamat that we will stay in BC today: visibility was close to 5m maximum, it was snowing a lot, it was freezing cold so no possibility to do anything. It was actually the perfect opportunity to rest, play cards, chat, eat snacks, read… a resting day in a storm.
We had to do one thing: everyday we left our skis next to the glacier to avoid caring twice a day in the big moraine. Today was our last day in the Tavan Bodg, camels were planned to come the next morning so we just needed to get our skis back in BC. After lunch we said… hoping for better weather.




“Take your ski goggles too!!!” I said. At 2pm, we had 30cm of snow, again a very strong and no visibility at all! We needed our skis so we prepared ourselves for a 20min fight against the elements: waterproof ski pants on, down jacket with ski jacket on top, big gloves, ski goggles to be able to see… It seemed that we were going to Everest! All members realized (so I did too) how rough the weather could be in Mongolia. And believe me, when I say rough, it means rough, very rough!!!





It was fun, lots of fun to walk in such a storm. Again, I love to feel the forces of nature making us understand that we are very, very small. We got our skis, did a few snow ball fights and rushed back to our tents…

In the evening, clouds cleared up a bit, the sights, the atmosphere were just fantastic! Our main worry with Mamat was: are the camels gonna come or not if the weather is like that the next morning? Mouguy assured us they will, and anyway it was not under our management, we had just to wait and see and potentially adapt our plans. We’ll see the next morning.

Dinner was fun, half way to the end of our trip, members knew each other better and we could tease each other a little more. And we had to finish the Mongolian vodka…
Day 6: back to the guest house



Clear blue sky & no wind in the morning!!! Super, we will dry & pack our equipment in easier conditions before the camels arrive. BC was cover by 10 to 30 cm of snow, so some gear like skis were covered and we had to dig them out. We had lots of fun, packing between snowball fights… The best moment was when we saw the camels arriving, walking in the snow. I don’t know why but in my mind camels should be in desert or dry country not with snow. It was a super “exotic” view for all of us probably because we were not expecting something like that. Beautiful! Those animals seem kind of “special”, I don’t know how to describe it but they looked kind of powerful being able to live in arid country as well as in the snow and cold areas too…





Around 11am we left BC with our skis. Because there was 30 cm of fresh snow we wanted to ski down back to the guest house. We would also finally see the valley we wanted to ski for 3 days. Weather was perfect and we soon got quite warm. With the snow covering the rocks, it was easy to see animal tracks: lagopede (a mountain bird brown in summer white in winter), rabbits and…. Again snow leopard tracks…. I had a hunting mood this day, and I lead the group following the snow leopard tracks wishing to see one… It is extremely rare, I know but it was fun trying!



It‘s about 18 km, 6 hours to reach the guest house. At the end we were “cruising” on a frozen river… Very beautiful and unique! I had never done something like that before! At the beginning I was scared to break the ice and take a cold bath but the ice was very thick. Back at the guest house clouds and wind started to appear again… Perfect timing!

Day 6-7: Tavan bodg – Tsanbagarov