When Liu & Simon sign up for BP “Summits after summit” program I couldn’t imagine I will part of such a great adventure!



After a few exchange by email, we started talking about me joining the trip as well. They were as enthusiastic as I to climb together so we planned the trip to fit our schedules! I was super happy. It was a great opportunity to climb in China and their schedule was perfectly fitting mine! So I booked my plane ticket to go climb Mt Hunter. The most important for me was to have the chance to meet some Chinese climbers and climb with them in a new area! Mt Hunter was their plan at the very beginning; I joined the project because we all have a good feeling to climb together.



The timing was super short (I stayed only 4 days in the valley) but the Chinese mountains were nice with me this time and let us climb for the first time ever Mt Hunter. Now I want to go back to climb more peaks!!!



Thanks to them, they accepted me to climb with them and it was a great opportunity to discover the great mountains of China!!!!