Mt Nianboyuze(年宝玉则山), 40km long 25km wide, composed of numberous 4000m+ peaks, is located in Jiuzhi, Golog, Qinghai China. Its main peak 5369m is also the highest peak of BaYanKaLa mountains. (巴颜喀拉山)

According to legend is the birthplace of Golok tribes(果洛藏族), and thus respected. Local people said that a long time ago, there is a hunter, he saved into a small white snake Nianboyuze gods only begotten son, and later, in Baoshan deification of white yak battle with the devil, was invited to shoot the demon. Nianboyuze to thank the hunter, his little daughter betrothed to hunters, two married gave birth to three sons Ashburn Qiang and Banma, the descendants of upper, middle and lower Golok Tribal.

Nianboyuze mountain snow melt water forms numerous lakes. The lake is rich in fish without scales. Mountains southeast distributed large area dominated by forests. At foothills grassland, there are two beautiful lakes, one called Fairy Lake, a lake called Vamp. Fairy stood a stone above a deep scar through the lake, was the legend of God Baoshan’s married daughter with the hunter.