Pioneer field: alpinism; Mountain Rescue and Safety
Keywords: mountain guide; one of important member of La Chamoniarde in Chamonix; climbing Cho Oyu without oxygen and sherpas;


Yann is a professional alpine climber and mountain guide, coming from the headstream of alpinism. We may say that he is a ‘dream realizer’ for climbers.

He keeps climbing and enjoys the most simple but true happiness each time from it. Just by recent, he recognizes that he has already summited almost 60 peaks of 4000m in the alps! Wihtout even running for them ! His curiosity always pushes him towards the peaks he hasn’t climbed yet.

His expeditions were all over the world and will still be!! In 2006 he lead a team with 10 with 7 summited Mt Cho Oyu, with no oxygen, no sherpas!!

He summited the highest peak Mt Denali of North America, failed because of bad weather on Mt Aconcagua, highest peak of South America. He went rock climbing to Yosemite in US , Kalymons in Greece, in spain…. He opened 2 new routes on the big wall Bisutun in Iran, 2010.

He went to clean Annapurna and Everest in Nepal, and also participate in a rescue operation in Jordan. He was the director of La Chamoniarde a very important non-profit organization of mountain rescue in Chamonix and still keeps making his contributions

He used to work for Petzl, and was a technical advisor of Millet in the past for more than 10years in testing equipment. Today, he is the sports marketing director of BIGPACK and set up development center testing equipments in Chamonix. He is in charge of BIGPACK’s sports marketing strategy and also the development in China.

Yann doesn’t really like to talk about what he did. He is more interested by what he will do next and with who ! China is on top of his « to do » list !! He would keep on climbing and exploring, because for him climbing is not following a path, it is making your own path to your summit! Mountaineering and climbing are so important in Yann’s life that he has already teached his 2 kids how to ski and rock climb since they were 3 years old. «  I want to show them how important alpinism is for me in my life ; They will like it or not it will be their choice but now every time we go climbing together I’m so impressed by their abilities !! That I’m scared ! scared to be too slow to keep climbing with them in the next years !!! It is so fun !!!

‘Each mountain gets its charm no matter the height and difficulties. Just enjoy! ’ says Yann.