BIGPACK RW50 team, from different cities HK Beijing Shanghai, starts setting off to Wuyuzhai today!


The first team arrived to site busy with all the setting up.




Super fresh air in National Forest Park!! Thrills up!!

The beautiful valley is in forest mountains’ 5 Peaks’ Wuyuezhai in China. Surroundings of all original towering trees. It’s the dry season now. There will have numerous streams and waterfalls shuttling in the mountains during summer.


Guanyin Cave,a very famous view spot in Wuyuezhai, is located at the cliff east to the valley. It has marvelous natural landform, exceeding 60 meters to the top and more than a hundred meters to the bottom of valley. With 29m width, 50m depth and 5m height, A temple was built at the entrance, thus got the name ‘Guanyin Cave’.