Jul 6th
The continuous snow mountains and giant glacier of Muztag Ata is super amazing!
We had rescue training in the morning. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the rescue pulling, and the oxygen container….
I was nervous when I lay in the oxygen chamber. My ears were stuffed like diving. But when the pressure got down to 2600m, surprisingly I felt so good that I found myself almost fell asleep!
I did ice climbing today. Super cold but very enjoyable when climbing on Muztag Ata glacier, of thousands years old! I tried Slack line too: )


Jul 7th
One teammate gave up and quit. Our second time to C1, I felt too exhausted during the last 450 steps under extremely cold condition. I didn’t know how long I could stand for it.

Jul 8th
I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Headache and felt sick. My face became swelled. Before I came I guessed my altitude sick at C2- 6200m. But I was absolutely wrong! Climbing Muztag Ata was nothing easy! Today we might walk 7 hours to C2, ascending 800m.
5.5 hours from C1 to C2. I felt super exhausted in each step. I cried almost all the way C2, deeply desperate and lonely. In this quiet mountain, I could only hear nothing but my own heartbeat and breath…

* Muztag Ata

* C1 to C2