Date of climbing: sep19 -27, 2013
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About Sherk’s summit dream:

As a beginner, I choose Chola as a start to realize my dream of climbing snow mountains. Climbing the famous Mt Chola demands basic skills and knowledge. And I would like to explore how Mt Chola suitable for entry-level climber like me.
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Mt Chola 6168m,

longitude 99.1 latitude 31.8, is located in western Sichuan China in the Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture near the eastern Tibet border, at north Shaluli mountains of south east Tibetan plateau. In Tibetan, ‘Chola’ means ‘Eagle couldn’t fly over me’. The main peak especially C1-C2 with mature glacier is well-known of its difficulty in China. Surrounded by more than 20 peaks of 5000m, peak of Chola found outstanding in the mountains.

Mt Chola has various climate and landscape. The two huge glaciers stretch and reach up to 4600m with plenty of ice belts, cliffs and crevasses especially on the way from C1 to the summit making it difficult and technical in climbing. Snow is thick which is suitable for mountain climbers. Basic skills with experience in high altitude are required.

About the climber:


Name: Shrek

Age: 42

Residence: Shandong, China

Routes since 2004:
Trekking Mt Taibai, Shanxi
Trekking across Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia
Trekking along Fuchun River, Zhejiang
Trekking along Xinan River, Zhejiang
Trekking cross Anhui/Zhejiang frontier
Trekking across Mt Wugong, Jiangxi
Trekking across Mt Small Wutai, Hebei
Trekking south to east, Mt Tuoliang, Hebei
Trekking across Mt Haituo, Peking
Trekking cross Bingzhongluo Mt Biluo to Yubong Yunnan
Trekking in Mt Konka, Sichuan
Trekking to Lotus Lake and Wuxu Hai, Sichuan
Trekking cross Lugu Lake to Daocheng Aden, Sichuan
Trekking along Brahmaputra, Yarlung Zangbo River, and Mt Namjagbarwa, Tibet, China
Trekking in Mt. Kailash, Tibet, China

The itinerary:


D1:Go to Ganz by bus. Stay 1 night.

D2: Drive from Ganzi to Xinluhai, then to BC

D3: BC 4100m to C1 5100m
around 5 hours’ walk from BC to C1, 45° slope in average. Climbing skills training at 2pm.

D4: C1 5100m to C2 5650m
Enter into snow line while above C1. Plenty of crevasses from C1 to C2, rope-in are expected. It takes 5 hours’ walk from C1 to C2, 30° slope in average. Reach C2 around 3pm.

D5: C2 5650m - Summit 6168m - back to C1 5100m
Ascend to summit at 4am -> Around 6 hours’ climbing from C2 to summit. Steepest slope 80°-> Reach summit around 10am -> Taking a break, climbing down to C1.

D6: C1 5100m - BC4100m Drive back to Ganzi