Yann Delevaux, our Director of International Sports Marketing, has been nominated and honored as “PIONEER” in one of the most influential forum, ’8264.com’ the day before yesterday in China. In the next few days, we will introduce the story of Yann and take you into his exciting experience!!!

Hi! I’m Yann. My friends gave me a nice Chinese name ’岩’,which sounds super good for me!! During my attended to ‘International Conference on Mountain Outdoor Safety and Health’ last winter in Sichuan, I’ve made lots of talented Chinese climbers.


‘What drive you climb?’ many people ask me. Well, difficult and interesting question! I can tell you that I have no answer! It’s something by born, by passion from the inside of me. I just simply like it ! Sorry love it ! i just feel so good when I’m in the mountains that it just seems the right thing to do for me. Doesn’t matter how difficult it is, how long, how high, I just love climbing mountains !


Mountaineering/Climbing is a very unique experience. Nothing up there but just you, your friends, and the mountain! The spirit is simple yet true. And I love it! I love every single climb coz they never be the same! When I climb, everything become so simple, so true. There is nothing better than sharing a good climb with a good friend ! So i just do it, that’s it !

I am a professional French mountain guide based in Chamonix at the bottom of the Mont Blanc, the highest peak in UE. I guide my clients all year round in the Alps and abroad. Many of them have become my good friends. Together we’ve experience lots of challenging routes and great experiences that reinforced our relashionship. It is a great honor and a very big (very very big) responsibility to guide people in the mountains. And I fell really honored and kind of proud that those people, my clients trust me enough to put their own life between my hands! I do my best to bring them close to their physical and mental limits to reach their dreams; dreams that sometimes I put myself in their mind because they wouldn’t think by themselves they could be able to do it one day. Climbing Cho Oyu in 2006 without oxygen and Sherpa was the best example. When I climbed Denali with clients in 2009, I managed to reach the top with the slowest because I knew how to take the best from him and put him in great confidence with himself that we passed the quickest at the end!!

I love the ‘spirit’ of alpinism. It is not just a sport – it is much more that a sport. You can be the best runner in the valley but never manage to climb a peak, vice-versa! Climbing mountains and expedition required balance between many factors that when everything goes well it’s so good!


On the glacier, on the rock, trying to put your ice axe in the right stop, nothing else matter that the next step! Because your life and the one of your partner depends on your next move. Life becomes so simple up there… Relationships are true because there are no more doctors, no more bosses, no more employees, just people together taking care of their own and their friend to live a great experience. Simple and true. From beginners to experts. So if you haven’t tried it, please go head, you won’t regret!