From 10 May to 11 June, Thomas Arfi & Manu Chance left a month in Bolivia.

The aim of our visit was to open one lane south face of Illimani 6438m. But before rubbing in this beautiful mountain, we had to submit to the acclimatization essential exercise to be able to climb in altitude. Manu atop Penas, on the Altiplano at around 4500m:

Arrival in La Paz, capital of Bolivia, we spend a day at harvest information on the places we locate in France for acclimatization. The goal is to visit Quimsa Cruz Cordillera climbing on granite, but before that we want to spend a week touring around La Paz which is already at 3800 meters!

We meet Aldo Riveros, local guide who will give us valuable advice throughout our trip. Aldo proposes to climb with him next day on the Altiplano on new paths of about 150 meters that Bolivian guides have recently equipped, go!

In the village of Penas, we discover a beautiful place run by an Italian Padre who occupies free premises and accommodates for travelers in exchange for a helping hand to maintance:

The way to climb Peñas:

We have a beautiful view of the Cordillera Real with the Huayna Potosi 6088m and Illimani 6438m:

On the other side is the result of the Cordillera, wilder:

We start with a route with difficulties between 6a and 6c:

The tracks are new, but the rock is good, we climb around 4300m, ideal for acclimatization:

At the top of the rock shapes are great:

We descend abseiling and make a second lane, this time with the bags on the back because we want to descend on foot:

This way rather around the 6A / 6B, also very pretty:

At the top the view of Lake Titicaca is great:

In an hour of walking, we descend into a beautiful landscape and arrive in the friendly village of Pena:

Village is celebrating for the 50th anniversary of Padre village and we returned to La Paz!
Following the acclimatization will be on the Huayna Potosi 6088m.

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