To continue our acclimatization after our climbing to Penas , with Manu we decide to go a little more altitude going to Huayna Potosi 6088m by the normal route PD to pass the symbolic threshold of 6,000 meters and sleep at altitude.

After two days mixed weather in La Paz, we leave for the Huayna Potosi .
A climber up to the summit at dawn, with the bottom Illimani:

Two-hour taxi from La Paz to 500 Bolivianos, we arrive at the foot of the mountain at 4700m.
We pause taxi when we see the Huayna Potosi in central and 5395m Chacaltaya on the right, both slightly bleached after the previous days’ snowfall:

On the road we discover lakes with incredible colors:

We cross our first lamas, in the vicinity of the cemetery at the foot of Huayna Potosi :

The afternoon time is not really in good shape and we get into a more or less thick fog until 5250 meters altitude where we put our tent for the night. We opted not to sleep in a shelter to walk with bags whose weight will be close to that we have on Illimani.

Manu in the tent at 5250m:

We take off from the camp in Huayna Potosi at 3:30am for about 800 meters in altitude, the scenery of sunrise is fantastic!!

The last slope below the summit, we are catching up the first team after midnight

The magnificent view across Cordillère Real

During descent, we still appreciating beautiful sights.

The dam below is the entrance of normal route

For the rest of trip we decided to leave eight days exploring the granite massif of Quimsa Cruz with crack climbing program on granite at 5000m!