Our adventure team arrived at Taiwan with BIGPACK full gear and settled at the hostel at the first night. We were going to challenge Yushan for the first time. Yushan is located at the middle of Taiwan, with its highest peak heighted 3952m. We all know that a set of high performance equipment is prerequisite for climbers while BIGPACK is my choice for no doubt.

We were all ready for the challenge in the following days. Although the weather was decent, the temperature kept decreasing while the altitude climbed continuously. We found the importance of a reliable jacket for all weather. The route was easy today that we mainly accommodate ourselves to the environment.

The slope was getting steeper that we had to climb with our hands sometimes. Fortunately, the backpack minimized my burden so that we didn’t feel as much difficult as we expected. We set up our camp on flat land, preparing of mounting the peak the day after in the snow.

We began our mission early in the morning, spending 4 hours to finish it. We enjoy the gorgeous scenery on the peak, with numerous mountains under our feet. Thanks my teammates, and thanks BIGPACK for the great equipment backup.

We walked from the peak to the foot of mountain. I feel confident to overcome any challenge with the aid of BIGPACK gear.